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STL REI Girls, Season 1, Episode 1, Introduction



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Note From The Publisher


This is Antonio Holman, publisher of Saint Louis Real Estate Investor Magazine.

And, yes! Yes, you’ve done it. You just clicked play on the very first episode of this podcast, but this is no ordinary podcast.

To me, this podcast is special.
To me, this podcast is important.
To me, this podcast will make history in our city.
To me, this podcast sets a precedent for the spotlighting of the unassuming roles, some exponential, that women play within the real estate investing industry, right here in our city.

In a business world that’s been historically dominated by men, to me, this podcast is necessary to show that women too play vital roles in our economic communities, as well as easing many family’s housing woes.

I am very grateful to have worked with the ladies who are featured on this podcast and I am honored and extremely thankful for the co-hosts Sandra Holtmeyer and Melanie Claborn for being naturally incredible people and superlative conversationalists. That’s a mouthful, but well-deserved.

Also, a very special thanks to Mandy and Gary Schoenberger and their beyond outstanding espresso of Webster Groves Garden Cafe where the show was recorded live. That place is truly a diamond in the rough in our city.

I’m proud to help serve a part of the business population that has historically had a more difficult time in varying business spaces.

I’m proud to bring you insights into the business lives of such community valuable women.

I’m proud to say that I’ve personally met each one of these women and they have all left a positive impact on me.

At this point, I’ve said enough.

Now, I’m proud to present to you Season 1 of STL REI Girls.

Thank you for listening and enjoy.

Antonio Holman
Saint Louis Real Estate Investor Magazine

Empowering Women with Tools, Courage, and Conversation to Create Freedom and Life Success 

Real estate investing isn’t just for the guys. Here in Saint Louis, there’s a growing force of women in the industry who are making deals happen every day and helping families along the way. Co-hosted by Sandra Holtmeyer and Melanie Claborn, and featuring incredible women in our region, this podcast gives you the tools and the courage to create freedom and life success.

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STL REI Girls, Season 1 was recorded live at Webster Groves Garden Cafe, located at 117 E Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, MO 63119

Webster Groves Garden Cafe, 117 E Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119

Produced by Antonio Holman, publisher of Saint Louis Real Estate Investor Magazine.

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